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I had been suffering with migraines for ages, Lou spoke to me and explained that a Daith piercing will help me. she was so kind and welcoming. I felt at ease even though i dont like needles. I hardly felt any pain and once the piercing was done my migraines stop. Thank you Lou.
I had a tattoo done by Leigh. She covered up an old tattoo that i had grew to hate and covered it with a floural tattoo that i love :D will recommend all my friends and family to all!tribe
I suffer really bad with migraines. A friend recommended getting my daith pierced and see if that works.
After going to see Lou, i felt relaxed and confident that i was in safe hands. The studio is lovely and quiet and calming. Lou did a fantasic job and i havent had any migraines since. Will only ever recommend Lou at All 1 Tribe.